The Flanders Festival Brussels comprises various musical events that have been embellishing Brussels for over 40 years!


Het Festival van Vlaanderen Brussel zoekt elk jaar tal van gemotiveerde jobstudenten, vrijwilligers, stagiaires,…
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Internationaal Brussels muziekfestival! In cooperation with the VRT and the RTBF, Belgium’s only broadcasting festival brings classical music of the highest quality within the framework of an annual theme.

The Breathtaking Beauty of Classical Music. Four times a year the European Galas bring top notch orchestras to the Centre for Fine Arts. 

Peace is much more than ending war. Flanders Festival Brussels will give more than 1000 voices the chance to be heard in an enormous oratorio for peace!

Music Masters On Air. Exchanging the work of young composers – that is the aim of Flanders Festival Brussels’ cooperation with 8 European festivals in 8 different countries. 

Classical Music In Night Clubs. Club K presents classical music in the informal setting of the hottest club in town.

Classical Music for Everybody. There are always people who like classical music, but never have the chance to attend a live concert, because of financial or practical reasons. 

Children's Vibrations. Shanti! Shanti!’s main goal is to reunite young children coming from different cultures and backgrounds to create a high qualitative singing group in Brussels, Antwerp & Mons. 

The foundation supports projects to bring music and youth closer together, which included creating a meeting place for young people at music events and offering talented young artists opportunities to take the stage.


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